Fork in the Road: Do I Become a Kettle Collector or a Kettle Flipper?

J Grotz

Jon; to add to your comment above; I have Read a bunch of comments on this Forum relating to new and well-conditioned used WSM's being bought On-the-very-Cheap and my question is Why?

I bought my WSM 18" "Classic" new in the year 2008 and at that time it fit all my BBQ needs and still will do a great cook if I put-in the right effort.
You answered your own question. Pellet grills remove the "right effort," and pellet grills are proliferating. I'm not judging it at all; I bought an ATC so I can sleep on overnight cooks. A buddy of mine and I took a KCBS judging class 15 years ago to turn learn more about bbq and we both bought WSMs (though he also got a stick burner). Three years ago he bought a pellet pooper and he hasn't used his WSM or stick burner since.

Jon Tofte

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I think the WSM is a great bbq tool, if only because what I have seen and heard other do with them. I kind of lament that pellet grills take a lot of the guesswork out from barbecuing. That makes it less of an art, but I think it opens a world of home bbq for people who wouldn't have been able to do so before they came along. I can do Q the old fashioned way, although I am hardly a bbq expert. However, my current life situation would limit my low and slow bbq to a couple few times a year. My Rec Tec pellet grill makes it easy for me to offer to do bbq even on a workday or when I may have to be away from home for a couple hours (like this past Sunday when I was at church while my ribs were steadily smoking away at 225 degrees!).

I guess everyone has to see what works for them.

As to WSMs for sale, I have seen what appears to be a very decent 22" for $95 and an 18" for even less. I think some people bought them and then realized they weren't up to the challenge. A boon for those who are and want one of these.

p.s. I also just saw an UNUSED, full-cart version of the Summit Charcoal here in Florida for an asking price of $1,300. Too rich for my blood but a great deal for someone who already had a finger on the trigger for one of those. Looks like a beautiful and effective cooker!

Rich Dahl

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Nicely stated Jon. I have a WSM and in the summer I use it frequently. With our changing winds it does require my full attention because I can get 50* swings if the winds start swirling. So I use it basically for bacon, pork butt and occasional brisket. In the winter it just sits.

Now that I have the Camp Chef I was able to do ribs and monitor it inside the house with a Maverick. I didn't have to go out only one time to wrap the ribs and once more to unwrap and sauce them. It was 20 something degrees and a slight wind and the temp fluctuations were minimal. I stayed warm and had an enjoyable cook.

I'm at a crossroads of keeping the WSM or selling it I also have a mini that I will keep. I am leaning toward selling the WSM because why have three smokers that all do the same thing. I know I'll go the easy route even in the summer and use the pellet grill. This is from the guy that has four gassers:rolleyes:

Richard Garcia

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To make room for my new Weber Performer Deluxe Grill I planed to dispose of my WSM 18" Classic, however, my wife wants to keep it and sell our Weber Mastertouch Grill instead. She really likes the smoked chicken that comes out of our WSM.