For Turkey or Other Long Smokes: Drink of Choice?

What are some of the best woods to use when smoking a turkey…pecan, apple, hickory, cherry, etc?

If you can taste a difference in what wood was used you're better than me

But I will say....... Poultry sucks up the smoke. It's easy to make it too smoky.. I use one small piece of wood for a turkey...... Put it right in the center and dump the hot coals on top of it. It takes a lot of hot coals to get up to 350 a full chimney. . And even then I let the coals burn and whatnot for about an hour before I ever put the turkey on so most of the white smoke is gone and much of that piece of wood is already charred and burnt too.

When it comes to poultry, less smoke is better. All i want is just a faint hint of smokiness.