Flippy flippy flippy....a couple quickies ready to roll for your viewing pleasure.....300 series



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Man o man there are so darn many individual steps to get a grill from start to finish. I started the stainless steel one around 2pm and had it finished by 7pm but I was wooped! I am in my chair in rocket man position with 3 advils down the hatch.


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Looks great👍. Maybe your “store” needs a banner and price tags dangling from those shiny Gennies🤣!
Ha! Ya I am still in the warehouse that my company owns. Ironically after 25years in business they finally sold. So I am both looking for a job and scrambling to finish as many grills as I can in this amazing space. In the not to far future I will have to close up the ole warehouse. But like you said....the owners have given it some thought to have about 50 restored Webers for sale in stock at all times and just keep the warehouse. But this horse just cant get them ready that fast nor do I want to. This market is so hot that we could sell an enormous amount of used grills for very good profit. The Geni on the right is already sold for $425 plus $25 delivery and $25 empty tank. The one on the left is advertised for $395. But ya......a used grill store around here would make a killing.
There are some like Bruce and a few others here, who are REALLY doing the art of restoration. And I have seen some (again not so much here but on places like FB, CL, and so on), who say "restored" and all they did was power wash it.
Very true. I fall right in the middle somewhere. My grills are clean and tight and usually have new burners and bars installed but can't really be called redtored. In the boating world we would call it " refitted ". I do and have used the word " restored " in my ads because it really gets the attention of the buyers. By comparison one of my grills vs a dirty homeowners grill....the gap is so wide I can almost get away with saying mine are restored. I would say on average for a 10yr old Geni I spend 6 to 8 hours start to finish on a flipper. Some of the time killers are repairing....or fabricating a new bottom shelf....or cook box heat shield....or hood liner fabricated piece to cover and protect rust......drilling out broken off bolts.....waiting on parts....etc. occasionally I can go nuts and knock one out in 3 to 4 hours but that is rare. But at my average of say 7 hours of hard dirty labor if I paid myself and in addition to new parts......I would he upside down on many of the grills that I sell. If I took mine to the level that Bruce takes his.....then there would be zero profit but a great amount of pride in my work. Right now I need profit.....and probably I will always go the profit route unless it's a keeper for a friend of family member. I just got back to my shop from delivering the brown Geni ....the family loved it and even gave the ole boy a tip......so $500 makes having grease under my finger nails feel just a little bit better right now. But there is no time to celebrate.......next up!