Flanken Ribs fat boy cut

russ olin

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Ordered these ribs from Snake River farms. Double r short ribs.
Package says choice but as you can see by the picture they look every bit prime to me.

Seasoned up with Hard Core Black.

Old leaky getting its BTU's on with Stubbs charcoal. Lit with Jealous Devil minion method. Cherry wood buried in the charcoal at the bottom.
Just like Harry Soo does it.

Getting our smoke on. Ribs, a few wings and some cabbage. Gonna be guud.

Nicest day in a couple of weeks. The old Weber looks great on the front deck. Don't you think?

Here we are plated up. The ribs A plus and then some. Fantastic. Chicken wings didn't make it to the table. LOL

Dover ribs anyone?

Will be ordering more of these to stock in the freezer, 3-4 hours smoke time & you cant beat them.
Brand new RV. Going camping after the Memorial Holiday.

Have a great one everyone. I know that we sure are.
Thanks for looking.
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Cliff Bartlett

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Great looking cook there Russ. Those SRF ribs look terrific both before and after. Sure am envious over your RV. Good hearing from ya!

Jan M.

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I've never done Ribs like that but they look awesome.
I need to give this kind of cut a try.

russ olin

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Yea Chris I have seen this picture many times. Its old school & I love it. Thanks for the shout out on the ribs & picture. Much appreciated. You do a great job keeping the ship afloat after so many years & in trying times. I always respect that.