First ever cook- Hot and Fast Chicken

It’s Chris Allingham’s from the site Joan, check poultry recipes.

Amber, like I said, “No Guts, No Glory!“ Diving into the deep end will be good for you! I was less ”Brave” I think I took a couple of months getting used to things before I did a brisket. One important thing I find helpful is plan a LONG rest on the back end, I like three or four hours for a 14-16 lb. brisket to rest double wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler while you get everything else ready. Resist the urge to lop off a nice big slice until it’s rested!
Are you doing this tonight/tomorrow? Or over the weekend? Let us see the process, weight, etc.
I did it! I guess I'm not getting notifications for this bc I had no idea a whole Convo was going on without me. Sorry y'all!!!

So I did the brisket at 275 for about 9 hours, went by feel and then when it felt the fat was rendered enough, I temped it. To my amazement it was all the same temp and right at 275. I made a post about it just a bit ago, I will find and link it here. I should have rested it longer, but we were all starving. We rested for 2 hours. I need to pull out the old cooler and try that method first. I was SO impressed with the WSM it is a champ!
@Joan this is the one I used.

Here's the site then you click on the menu at the top left and click on Cooking Topics which takes you here.
Then you scroll down until you see Poultry Which leads you here. If that is what you were asking for. 😁
Hello Amber. I realize that this post is a month old. When I first started out smoking. I use to do low and slow with chickens and turkeys. I hated how the skin came out Like rubber! The meat was good. Just good (but not great). Then I read that there is no reason to do low and slow with poultry. Because There is no fat to render. To me that made a lot of sense. So then I gave hot and fast a try and never turned back. Without getting into too much detail. The Skin is crispy and the meat came out so much more juicier!
Regarding the brisket you made. It sounds like you nailed it! Just like a Great Pit Master! Keep up the smoke!
I’ve always smoked leg quarters low and slow around 225f for about 3-4 hours. Chris’ Hot and Fast sounds great but with that much charcoal and the vents wide open it seems like the smoker would run hot (?)

That’s kind of the idea…”Hot and Fast”😉