First cook on the Lang model 84 and first offset cook too!


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You'll have to forgive me that the pix aren't of very good quality, but here they are. Did this for a friend's work BBQ(2 of the briskets and 2 butts), about 50 people. Called up some friends and they added a few more butts on too.

I ended up smoking 3 packer briskets, 6 butts and 1 small flat. Used oak and cherry, at one point i added a split of pecan. I was satisfied with the results and so was everyone else! Love the ring i got! Ended up taking about 14hrs. Handed out about 12 business cards, hope to make some new customers.
Thanks for looking, see you next cook!
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dang that is a bigggggggggggggggggg smoker.......I love it....wish it were mine.....the smoker and the contents..


Greg B.

Man that is some serious Que!!! Your new toy can pack up some meat! Your last pic is just incredible! Must of been real delicious!

Tim K

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Looks like all your hard work cleaning your new toy was well worth it as she cleaned up real nice! Your smoker looks good, but the bbq looks even better! Good luck, I hope you get a few return customers!!


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Amazing Six. That Lang is awesome. I love my WSM but my dream is to own a lang. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jim Lampe

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Terrific Post Sixto!!
If I were to get an offset smoker, LANG certainly would be the choice! Like WEBER, Lang is an exceptional cooker!!
Thank you for sharing this with us!!