Finishing Up a Cook in the Oven?

Gerry S

New member
I was wondering if there are any drawbacks to completing a cook in the oven once the meat has reached the point where it cannot (or should not) absorb more smoke, or after it has been wrapped. I know this question might get me kicked out of the guy club, but it would make things alot easier.

1) I could start a long cook at 6:00PM and have it ready to wrap before too late at night, then keep it in the oven all night long at the perfect temp while I get some real sleep.

2) It would be cheaper, because charcoal costs more than electricity.

3) I wouldn't have to monitor it, as I would have my probe notify my iPhone with an alarm if the meat gets done early.

4) The hardest part of the cook, which seems to be after the outermost coals (using the minion method) are already burning and no longer lighting new fuel, and therefore require more TLC, would be circumvented.

Do any of you think the meat, or BBQ flavor, would be any worse off by this method?

Dustin Dorsey

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I'm mostly nitpicking with this response. The meat does continue to take on smoke throughout the cook. That's a common myth based on the fact that the smoke ring stops forming at a certain point. Even that has incorrect myths about it concerning at what temp it actually stops. It's really probably variable. Anyway, I disagree on a fine point on what Kelley Brown is saying. Heat is not heat all the time (there's convective, radiant, conductive, etc). It is for the most part after you wrap it. Chances are by the time you want to wrap it has taken on enough smoke anyway, so you can put it the oven and get the pretty much the same result. If I'm wrapping I tend to just leave it on the WSM which is already running at temp, and I enjoy cooking on it. The oven works fine as well.

Jim Strickland

Didn't mean to delete my original reply. It's ok after wrapping if you need/want to. I prefer not doing it to my briskets but l have finished many pork butts in the oven. Just a matter of your personal preference.


Not going to say I've never done it, because I have.
Mostly when ran out of coal's and didn't feel like restarting that.

But once the smokers going why not just finish it there?