Filthy Old Weber

Dave in KC

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Not that one.
That is the grill that I sold a guy.

The grill below is the one that I agreed to "trade for."
Trade meaning haul away.

This the dirtiest old Weber I have personally ever laid eyes on.
I have seen many in much worse condition, but none that were
overall in decent shape, but just a straight up filthy mess.
It is fully functional. I fired it up to do a burn off, and seeing
as it was close to lunchtime, I put my GrillGrates on it and cooked
up some burgers. Later on last night, I wanted to fry up some
catfish, and cooked it on the side burner. That wooden handle is
in excellent shape and will removed tonight and used for a better
As for the rest of, I am undecided. If I get home before dark tonight
I will see what an 8 hour burn managed to do for it before deciding.

Jon Tofte

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Interesting hodgepodge how the former owner added in a side-burner in place of the left shelf taken from a later grill. At least that filthy one doesn't look to be eaten up with worm holes like the free one that I picked up!

The one you sold looks really nice. I see you are trying out painting handles and trim. Looks great; that takes an ugly (to me) Silver handle and makes it look very sharp and no longer out of date. What paint did you use? Did you do anything special to try and make it stick well?
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Stefan H

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You may want to be careful with a long burn. This looks like a grease fire is just waiting happen. I would take some gloves and a razor scraper to get most of the junk off. At least the structure and the flavorizer bars look solid.

Dave in KC

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Jon, I am using the Rustoleum 2X Ultra Paint/Primer in one.
That is not a recommendation as it is not time tested for me,
but so far, so good.


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I picked up an E310 a couple years ago that literally was filled up to the bottom of the burner tubes with gunk. The tubes were actually in danger of becoming covered. I actually found a table fork in the gunk when I cleaned it out.


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Yah, when I read that this morning, I got a chuckle out that one too. If was a good way to start my morning.