Favorite hot sauce.

Some good stuff here,

So far Secret Aardvark is very much what I was looking for, I can see it being my new go to.

Yellow Bird Serrano and the Palo Alto FF are really good too. That would make a nice trio to keep on hand.
I like the Yellow Bird stuff but it's a bit pricey.
I don't have a picture of it, but my favorite is probably Marie Sharp's Habanero, original version. Hot? Yes, but really brings out the complexity of food in a wonderful way.
I like most hot sauces but I think my favorites are the sweet ones

I make habanero honey from our bees and garden that is pretty good.
It’s really easy to make but takes near a year to get to where I like it.
It is simple enough for anyone to make even with store bought materials.

I sun dry a large cookie sheet of sliced habaneros for a good week or so.
You really have to remove all the moisture from them or the the honey won’t keep. It will ferment.
Fill several jars full of the dry peppers, top off the jars with honey and let it set for 7-8 months.
This gets hot and tasty over time.

I will use this on most bbq’ed items less the peppers.
The peppers are tasty so they go on chips or with rice meals.
Haha I bought a gallon of Tabasco at the factory in Louisiana while on our honeymoon. New Iberia, Louisiana. Big glass jar shaped sort of like a giant moonshine jar. We did a tour of the factory, and then afterwards we toured the company gardens on Avery Island, which actually had all sorts of exotic plants. Not expecting that at all!
One of the fraternities in college discovered that 1) one of the bars bought Tobasco in those same jars, and 2) a drink called either a prairie fire or a double draft furnace. Equal parts Tequila and Tobasco. Apparently, they drank the bar DRY of Tobasco. And discovered the following morning that it burns leaving as much as it does going in.
Interesting discovery today, the Palo Alto Hot Sauce is not only delicious and different, it’s sodium free. That’s cool.
All of these are pretty good. I’d say the aardvark and the Palo Alto FF are the clear winners. The Palo Alto FF is sodium free which is very surprising, I think it’s my new go to.
For what it’s worth this was all to find something great with eggs and they all were definitely edible.
I found 2 Melinda’s I could not ever eat, the creamy garlic and the black truffle, something was just off!!