Fan for fireboard drive 2


A Omari

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Have WSM 18. Was going to get the Fireboard fan, but have seen that the majority of folks are going for the pit viper fan. Is there anything to watch out for with the Fireboard fan? Seems both have adaptors available that should fit the WSM, and the Pit viper has half the CFM. Any reason one is better than the other? Thanks in advance!


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super late reply but Ive been researching temp control units, as far as I can tell people that had the bbqguru dx2 dx 3 with pit viper motor upgraded to fireboard 2 without purchasing a new blower. Apparently it works better with the fireboard 2 as it limits voltage to the motor instead of on-off full rpm pulses that the bbq guru does.

The pit viper 10 cfm motor has more than enough air to keep a wsm going , anything bigger seems like overkill for that size smoker.

I havent pulled the trigger yet but the fireboard 2 drive with a pit viper motor seems like an option Im interested in, I am also looking at the flameboss 500 and guru dx3....the fireboard 2 with pit viper came up slightly less $$$ than the 500...