Ever seen a barbecue sauce fountain?


Timothy F. Lewis

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No, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen one but, why NOT!? Great idea!
I have seen barbecue sauce volcanoes though,the sauce cleanup of the stove after one is seen is a sight one does not easily forget!
A BBQ sauce fountain that's pretty neat I wonder if that is just a chocolate fountain using diluted barbeque sauce . I know chocolate fountains need a certain type of chocolate mixed with oils to flow properly. Would be great at a a BBQ party. Thanks for sharing Chris 👍🏻.
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Sometimes I wonder if Chris and others cup their face in their hand before pressing ENTER as they ponder how some of us will respond in ways not intended, lol.

(referring to my own comment, not others)

Scott Smith

Before going to this buffet, you need to grasp the unwritten rules: Chewing around the rib cage of a swine is acceptable and encouraged; double dipping is a party foul.


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Part of me says that's pretty flippin' cool...... I've also seen what happens at buffet restaurants. Yeah, no, not in public. And when we've held barbecue bashes (or bought barbecue somewhere, etc.) and served sauce..... inevitably, the sauce has gone almost completely unused. For us, that'd be a complete mess to set up, tear down and clean up.