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Gary -

Just picked up Low & Slow last week - successfully completed lesson #1 without peeking, briquets or opening the side door on my spankin' new WSM. Love this thing!!!

I spent seven years in the Carolinas, but now in Houston. Sorry Texas, BBQ means pig, not cow and there's nobody in this town that can do 'cue like Wayne Monk at Lexington BBQ halfway between Charlotte and Greensboro. Nobody!! (How's that for firing up the locals??)

Please tell me there will be an advanced edition of Low & Slow in a year or so for those of us who finish the undergraduate program. If not a book, will you do any traveling Low & Slow one day classes or BBQ tours in the great Low & Slow towns/cities? Many, many thanks for your guidance. Now I'm getting it. Cheers!!
How's this for firing up the locals

Lexington barbecue isn't Eastern NC...it's Western NC (or, naturally, Lexington) style

But I agree, barbecue is pork.

I picked up the book yesterday and read it last night. Will try the lessons sometime in the near future.
OK. You want to be technical? It's not "western" NC - it's Piedmont style. I was keeping it simple for the masses who don't care to get into the hemispheric gradations of the state of North Carolina's pork-a-tropolis.

You are absolutely correct, however that it isn't eastern style. Next time I'll not spare non-Tar Heels a painful discourse on vinegar, sugar, water, Texas Pete, ketchup and the difference between the Triad, the Triangle and the Piedmont. Hey - there's some riveting reading!!!
I know this is off-topic, but I can get in my car and be in the parking lot of Lexington BBQ in about 20 minutes.

Regionality inspiring an argument about BBQ who would've ever thought such a thing possible? (smile)

"Low & Slow" is a method book teaching the basics of low and slow, charcoal- and wood-fueled barbecue in 5 Lessons. If things go as planned, meaning Low & Slow sells well enough for the publisher to be interested, there will be an "advanced edition" with methods, recipes and instructions for herds, flocks and schools of other creatures.

Far as traveling, book signings and classes, I've committed to signings and demos in the local (Chicagoland) area, a list of which will be up shortly on Low Slow BBQ. Later in the summer I will be doing book signings and demos a bit further afield, but we're still working out the schedule.

Speaking of the Carolinas, how do you know when you've crossed the border into the Carolinas? The car washes have "No Pig Pits Allowed" signs. (smile)

Cwailes,we really do not know who makes the best bbq being pork or beef. all the bbq joints i have been to without their special sauces the bbq is really not that good. if you or anybody has to use sauce of any type your tasting the sauce not the bbq. to find out who actually cooks the best bbq pork or beef give them salt & pepper nothing else and we can really taste who over cooked or under cooked. to me sauces are to cover up mistakes. its like putting ketchup on ff all u taste is the ketchup.

"Smoking deep in South Texas"
"Hookem Horns"
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