Does this grill ever go on sale in Canada?



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I am seriously looking to pull the trigger on this grill but its pretty price in Canada at $1299 plus 13% taxes for the EX4. Anyone here in Canada see the grill go on sale? Also where is the best place for reasonable pellets in Canada? This would be my first pellet grill as I usually use my Weber Kettle for everything from quick cooks to long brisket cooks but wanting to try something different and less time consuming.
Less time consuming would be the only advantage if you wanted an opinion.
I just passed along my 10 year old treager to my old man and replaced it with a Weber Kamado E6.
I also have a 22 inch performer that does everything I need it to, I love it.
I am also in Canada and the going retail is $1399 for this bbq.
A lot less time is spent on using a pellet grill and the traeger had dated electronics even though they still have the same electronics on their current cheapest model. I like the challenge of the fire and using temp probes with alarms has really given me the time to do other things without much worry. The new smokefire does really sound like it does a good job but if it is like the traeger you will miss out all of the charcoal flavour and a lot of the smoke flavour. I found the pellets to do a pretty good job, but nothing like a fire and smoking wood will do, the flavour is weak compared to a kettle cook if you are used to that and enjoy it you may want to consider other options too.
I don't want to try to steer you way, these are my personal preferences but there are a few here who love their pellet grill for sure.
My E6 arrives on Saturday I think and from what some of the guys are saying about their new Kamado grills is that they can really lock the temp in good with it. This is part of the reason I jumped on one, along with it's dedication to smoking.
I would have bought the S6 but I have a performer table that will sit right beside the E6 so no extra table was needed.
Just have to learn to be more left handed :p

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Last year Weber dropped the price $200 U.S. in June and December for about a month. I don't know if that was also Canada but I suspect it was. Weber does not have a lot of special sales and now that reviews are getting better they may or may not do it this year. If you can sit on your hands until late June you might save some bucks or just get ticked off at me because they don't have a sale this year. I didn't hear any rumors last year and then suddenly they were on sale.


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yeah it looks like the gen 1 was on sale I think in Oct over November for the month on amazon. Not sure about in stores.
I also have a 22 inch performer that does everything I need it to, I love it.
I am also in Canada and the going retail is $1399 for this bbq.
Around the same price here in Costa Rica; I also have a Weber Performer but waiting to buy my first "Gasser" when I want some quick grill cooks. My old WSM "Classic" 18" takes care of all my "smoking" needs which are now few and far between due to health concerns.
My preference before spending these type of "bucks" would be purchasing a Weber S-6 Summit Charcoal Grill before a pellet grill.

However, I do understand the thinking of some Forum Members that a Pellet Grill may take-up much less effort and consumption of time. This is the primary reason of my wanting to add a "Gasser" to my BBQ Arsenal. When I bought my WSM 18" Classic in the year 2008 I was 65 years old which took very little effort on my part, however, now with 78 years it takes much more effort to light-up and maintain a proper smoking temperature. Also, at my age TIME is not on my side so proper consumption of TIME will add to my quality of life. My present state of health is A-OK per my last Doctor's Consultation last month!
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Everywhere I have seen that has it priced at $1399 says its on sale for $1299 but most places just have it at $1299 as regular price.

I have a gas grill as well as a few charcoal grills.

I just wanted something that is a bit more set it and forget it and has an easy startup. most of my setups are makeshift which requires me to remove a bunch of things to say add more charcoal if I am running a longer cook. I currently use a weber kettle with the rotisserie ring attachment. I have two cooking grates, one that is elevated by bricks so I have room on the main grate for a tin pan and then a second one one top of the bricks for the food. Then I use a pitmasteriq temp regulator to manage temps. But its a pain to start and to add fuel.

figured it was time to buy something more designed to do longer cooks but also able to sear.
Your last point is why I spent $1399 on the E6
Guys testing how long the cook can go for on youtube found that the fire went out just due to ash but there was lots of charcoal left and they had to sleep, another fellow had it burn for over 50 hours on a full load. It was about half a bag of fuel.
So between never needing to re load fuel and the guys on here saying they can lock temps in and they sit pretty much right on target gives me an optimistic outlook on the purchase.