Dewalt Organizer on sale $9.98


Jeff MA

TVWBB All-Star
For those who restore Weber Grills and like to keep their parts organized these are excellent.

I use the Milwaukee version but for $10 bucks this Dewalt version looks like a winner.

I saw that too Jeff, but I have a couple Husky ones that I am not even using right now. I plan to do some parts organizing this off season and put them back in the game.
Hey Joe, that is one nice set-up Great idea and great workmanship. Maybe I will copycat one of these days!
I wish I had seen that deal before I bought some Craftsman versions at Lowe's (for more$). My wife watches this HGTV show Hot Mess House where this woman reorganizes people's chaos. (I am not sure even she could do anything with my grill shed :rolleyes: .) I was motivated to try and do something about my many boxes and coffee cans of accumulated, leftover screws, nails, and similar stuff out in the garage. So far it hasn't made much progress, but we will see.

I have my grill parts in some of those same Harbor Freight holders like Joe's. They are certainly adequate, if not as strong as the Craftsman ones I bought for general stuff. But with a cart like Joe's I think you would really have something that uses space efficiently, protects the containers, and puts them in a moveable, organized system for easy reach. I am sure Cas from Hot Mess House would approve!
It has helped tremendously. After buying 3 or 4 I started going through all my little baggies, baby food jars, tin cans, etc. It took a good while to sit down and organize everything in to electric, screws, nails, plumbing, etc. Then I went back for more storage boxes. Once I got all my stuff in the cases, I then purchased a couple for "growth" and that is how I decided on the size cabinet I needed to build. I also took one of the small HF dollies and just screwed it on the bottom so it rolls as it was cheaper than buying wheels.