Corned Beef... Round Roast


adam clyde

Ok, I have some corned beef I was planning on smoking for some pseudo pastrami this week. Realized it is from the round roast, not brisket.

If I were doing a normal round roast, I'd take it to medium rare... obviously, that isn't what I'm going for with this one. I like tender, but well-done for pastrami. If this were a brisket, I usually just cook like any other brisket..

so, I guess my question is, since this is corned beef (round) roast, rather than a corned beef brisket, what temp would you cook to?

adam clyde

that is what I thought...

what if I foiled at 160 and took it up toward 190? I know there isn't a lot of connective tissue... but also want it to be tender too... not sure that is possible w/ this corned beef...
I've tried making my own with topside round. I didn't measure temperature, and I'm pretty sure it was pre WSM (for me), but it was a bit dry and tough. I'm not sure that taking it to a higher temperature would result in tender pastrami.

Doug D

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Originally posted by Al Silverman:
Don't forget that the corning process will make the meat tender.
Hence the Morton meat-curing product name "Tender Quick". Take it to 165°, slice it thin, all will be well.