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Completed assembling the MicroDamper and this HM/MD is great. I don't think I can wait until 4th of July, thinking a Valentines day party.

Steve, what are your PID settings for a UDS? I saw a post set at 7, 0.01, 4 and Servo full open at 100%, min fan 5%, max fan 60%. I might put something on the UDS on Wednesday and give this thing a try as its going to be a warm day and should be about 35F at cook time.
Those are the PID, you want 100% max fan though. Since you'll be cooking on a cold day be sure to start your cook with more lit coal to offset the low temps.

Dont be afraid to shoot me an email (, i don't always check the forums regularly but I check my email frequently
I'm looking to buy a assembled heatmeter, preferably from someone in europe.
Anyone selling or can assemble one?
Does anyone have an assembled heatmeter for sale in Australia? I have a spare RPI just need everything else!
I'm looking to buy an assembled HeaterMeter and fan system in the US. Basically i'm looking for a full setup to get my going without needing to put anything together. PM me.
Just put together 10 4.3 HM's, I live in Germany, so, I can ship anywhere in the EU, but since I am military, I can also ship anywhere in the US, PM me for details, or email me
I'm looking to buy an assembled HeaterMeter and fan system in the US. Basically i'm looking for a full setup to get my going without needing to put anything together. PM me.

Looking for the same...For my WSM 22
Thanks Dan.
PS Will the HeaterMetter also work on RF stick burner?
Hi All What is RPI?? also what does the adapter board do?
Thanks Dan

The RPi is the computer that plugs into the Heatermeter and programs theHM and it also connects the HM to the internet.

I believe I explained what the adapter board does in a email I sent you a while ago.. but will explain it again.

The adapter board is a board that goes into the damper(rotordamper) and it's a plug n play board, meaning it has connections for the blower, servo, thermocouple, and 2 meat. It let's any Cat5 cable without any modifications to be used. No need to fiddle with wires, and if you have to exchange out the blower or servo they can be swapped out in seconds. Also, the adapter board let's the Heatermeter view temperature below the minimum of 35°f and will have a maximum of -69°f. Although, there is some prior setup needed to view temps below 35°f, it's there if you should ever need to see temperatures below freezing.

If you have any other questions about the adapter board, I'm the designer of it and you can PM me.

Basically, the adapter just makes everything more user freindly, and foolproof in a sense that there are no wires that may come loose over time and no customizing anything.

Lots of Heatermeters available, 4.2, 4.3, and I have an old 4.1, also have microdampers, and adapt a dampers... holidays are coming, give that special person (YOU), the gift that gives forever (BBQ).
I would like to make some changes to the 4.3 case, I have the SCAD file, and then cut the modified case on a CNC machine. OpenSCAD isn't the most friendly application to export it to a 3D DFX, In fact it errors out.

That being said what advise can be offered to accomplish my end result of a work 3D DFX file.
Yeah OpenSCAD can only export 2D DXF files so you're somewhat SOL there. The only thing I can think of is you can slice the model in openscad into 2D slices then somehow use those? Either that or export to one of the formats and then use something else to transform it? I'm not all that familiar with 3D DXF models.
I found away to achieve my goal
1. Use OpenSCAD to export file as STL
2. download EstlCAM and open the STL file exported from OpenSCAD.
3. Save the file.
Hey gang!

The Offset Rotary Valve that I've been using for the last 4 years needs to be replaced. It's shrunk and warped a little due to the heat and has caused me some problems in my last couple of cooks.

The files are located here. It looks like 3 files needed to print are RSD-valve.stl, RSD-BGE-top.stl and RSD-BGE-cover.stl

If you're able to do this and ship it to Toronto, Canada, send me a PM. I can pay via PayPal or Bitcoin.