Chopped Grill Masters: Second episode tonight!


Chris Allingham

Staff member
The second episode of Chopped: Grill Masters begins tonight with Round 2 featuring Candy Sue Weaver, MB Galyean, Matty Malehes and Stan Hays.

Donna and Harry will be competing in Round 3 one week from tonight, July 28. So looking forward to this!
Although I've watched Chopped a few times while spinning around the dial...

(OK, stop right there. That phrase just popped out of my brain, went through my fingers, into my keyboard and onto the screen, without really thinking about it...and it dates me. When was the last time a TV had a dial?)

...I've never watched two entire episodes of the show until now. And in just two episodes I think I've seen all three things that Harry says never to do:

"Don’t panic." (Candy Sue Weaver)
"Don’t cut yourself." (Stan Hays)
"Don’t forget any ingredient." (Chris Hart)
I watched the other night. Those folks were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It looked like me in the kitchen! LOL. Lookin forward to seeing Harry and Donna.