Choose a smoker now what?


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So I just made up my mind on what smoker to purchase (22") errr I mean to ask Santa for what else should I be thinking about getting for equipment or periferals? I've notice people getting the charcoal starter chimney, the Maverick wireless temp monitor, are these worth getting and or necessary? I there anything else I should be considering, updates, mods, etc.?
Chimney starter, a wireless thermometer, good pair of tongs are almost must haves. If Santa is real generous a Thermopen is real nice too!!
Hey neighbor ,
I would echo mr solak's comments about must haves. A good meat thermometer especially. As far as mods , I would suggest looking here
There are all kinds of ways to tweak the WSM , but nothing you need to do immediately . Get a few cooks under your belt and you will get ideas as you go. You are gonna love your WSM !
I have a question on the Maverick wireless thermometer. The transmitter with the probes, can the whole unit go in the smoker or just the probles?
I have a question on the Maverick wireless thermometer. The transmitter with the probes, can the whole unit go in the smoker or just the probles?
Only the probe goes inside the smoker. The transmitter sits outside. You can run the cable under the lid if you're careful, or you can install one of the various types of grommets that people use in order to run the cable through the side of the smoker.
I think you made the right choice. I would add some genie garage door handles to the mid section as you are assembling it. They'll line up with the hole pattern for the screws that hold the grills and water pan bracket.

I do recommend the chimney starter and Mav. The chimney starter is a measuring cup for your charcoal as you learn how much charcoal to use. For instance, I used two and a half chimney fulls of unlit lump and one chimney full of lit lump for the T-bird below to get me to 325* with a foiled clay saucer instead of water in the pan.

I also recommend welder's gloves or the like to handle hot chimneys, coals, etc. I also have insulated silicone gloves for handling hot food but you can use utinsels to handle hot food.

As far as probes are concerned, some use grommets, I decided to just cut a slit in the mid section. You can see the probes in it here:

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You need a good pair of tongs and a good pair of insulated gloves/oven mitts.

I use a high output propane torch to light my charcoal, I find it is much easier and works much better.


+1 on the Thermapen
fireplace gloves (gauntlet gloves that allow you to pick up anything without getting burned)
push button lite MAPP torch
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Great info from all thanks so much. Very excited to get this going unfortunately I have to wait until camping season starts. Up in this neck of the woods it is beginning to mid April. I'm drooling to try some of the recipes I've been researching here and other places. By the time April comes I'm going to want to do them all at once.