Charcoal on sale!

Chip N

TVWBB Member
Lowes has Royal Oak classic 15lb bag for $2.00. How is it for wsm use? I am thinking about getting 10 bags if only to use on my performer.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
My experience with RO in the WSM is it works kinda okay but doesn't light well off of adjacent coals like KBB does especially in snakes.
For high heat it works very well, I use it in my performer all the time and prefer it over KBB because of the lack of the obnoxious white smoke that KBB gives off at the start.
Also RO doesn't seem to last as long as KBB, but if your just grilling burgers, steaks, chicken it will last longer than you will need.

Brian Thomas

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It definitely doesn't last as long as KBB. I use it just for the WSM and it works fine. It is nice not to have to deal with that acrid white smoke on startup. For high heat grilling I use KBB.

The Lowes I go to has it on sale for $3.99. I have more than enough RO to last until the Memorial Day Sales so I'll just wait until then.


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I ck Lowes almost every week and a couple of different stores and haven't found any clearance yet, that's like Walmart its rare to find anything with grills or smokers also , folks post brickseeker deals but never found 1 in my area