Char Siu Ribs


Pat G

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I have been wanting to try this for a while, finally got around to it.

Packaged marinate on a slab of BB's.

Overnight in the marinate, look at the color.

On the 14WSM with some lump for fuel.

After 2 hours.

I also made a batch of sauce from scratch to apply during and after the foiled cooking.

In to the foil for an hour and a half.

Sauced and out of the foil for the last 45 minutes.

Ready to eat.

These came out really good. Tender with just enough pull and the marinate really came through. The packaged marinate that I used can also be applied as a dry rub( I mixed it with water), might try it dry the next time. Thanks for looking.:cool:
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Pat G

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Wow Pat. Those look excellent. Also, so does your lawn!


Those ribs look delicious Pat! What sides did you have with them?

Cliff, they were actually the appetizer for the pork fried rice.

Grilled some pork chops and then cut them up for the rice.

On the Blackstone, I added fresh pineapple too.

Pork fried rice with pineapple.


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Looks great Pat! He Noh really brings out the color,lol! I like using it when people haven’t seen it before.