Can't find Weber starter cubes

Since I started this thread a while back, I wanted to provide an update.

I have since, started watching and picked up several boxes the Weber cubes. I also have found that the firestarter sticks (break the small ones into smaller pieces. They work well.

My latest technique, picked up here of course, was the side burner on my gas grill. I could not believe how quickly they lit. Hands down the cleanest and fastest I have used.

I will continue to use the grill, unless I need to be mobile, then cubes/firestarter sticks.
I used a sterno the other day. Worked great. I have a giant box from Costco that's been sitting around for over 3 years. They won't be around much longer!
I bought all the cubes Lowes had last year on clearance!!!

Twenty some boxes!! @ .88 each

But i use the propane ignitor on my Performer.
I started using using newspaper in my chimney to get away from the petroleum taste as well. The problem I had was the ashes blowing around and sometimes I'd come back in 20 minutes to find that the charcoal hadn't started.

My father-in law was a painter and always used deoderized mineral spirits to start his charcoal so I thought I'd give it a shot. Now, I cup a piece of leftover aluminum foil, add a couple of briquets, and a splash of mineral spirits, and use this as a starter.

It works like a charm. No taste, fires right up, and mineral spirits are a lot cheaper than lighter fluid.

The next time I do a butt, I'm going to leave some briquets in my foil lined sand pan and let them soak up the grease. I'm thinking they'll make good starter cubes as well.