Can't find Weber starter cubes

Originally posted by Steve M.:
Last year about this time, I learned about these nifty starter cubes for the chimney, won't ever go back. So easy and effective.

Problem is, now I go to Lowes and Home Depot and they don't even seem to carry them anymore - at least not in the Nashville area. Amazon has them for $3/box + shipping. Ouch! Last resort.

Are you still able to find them? Hope they aren't being discontinued.

Your help appreciated in advance. Lowes has them in Cleveland...I know this is a little late but if you still want them I will buy them and send them to you...let me contact info is available on this board
Don’t know why some Lowes and some Home Depot stores carry them and others do not. Neither of the stores in my area carry them and both say they have been discontinued. I took the advice on this board and bought firestarter pieces at Kroger and I just have to cut off a small piece to start a fire.

As for the newspaper – it’s great as a fallback, but I dislike the smoke and ash problem.

I was so excited yesterday when i tore into some kind of ebay package that had arrived and there was a big box of fire cubes! Didn't recall bidding on it, but then you never know with me, once I get into that hypnotic ebay mindset. Tore it open and it old time cash register bank I got for my little godson.

Drat! So close!
Greg - Thanks a bunch for the offer. You know what, I'm flying into Cleveland and driving down to Akron week after next. I'll pass several Lowe's - I see if I can't stop in.

UPDATE: Since I posted this, I went to the camping section at Wally World and picked up a package of fire starters (3/4" x 4"). I break one into 3 pieces, carefully pile the charcoals on top, light it from the bottom, and in a WHOLE lot less time than using newspaper, I'm ready to cook. Really cheap, best I can remember.
While ordering some parts from Weber, I asked about the problem finding their cubes at stores that had previously carried them. Weber still makes them but can't ship after 9/11; however their trucks can deliver to stores. Might be good to ask the store managers if they'll begin stocking the cubes again.

Did anyone else get a pkg of firestarters in their shipment from EZ-Que??

These little suckers are great. Mine burned like Napalm... without the odor. (and yeah, I'm old enough to have smelled Napalm up close & personal)
I have used the Weber cubes in the past.
Now I use my propane cajun cooker as my starter. I place my full chimney on top and crank the cooker flame to high for 60-90 seconds.
Results are fast, clean with no mess.
The cajun style cookers (turkey fryer) are very cheap. Some places sell only the stand and they are very cheap, but the whole kit with the boiling pot are nice to have.
When using my gas grill to light the chimney with paper, lot of ashes fell into the body. Next grilling, they would lift up and get on my food. The cubes are my choice, but that is what works for me, I love the local news delivering the starter to your door every day/week! I think I'll try the Diamond product. Looks cheap and no ashes...
Originally posted by Tom Ferguson:
Did anyone else get a pkg of firestarters in their shipment from EZ-Que??

These little suckers are great. Mine burned like Napalm... without the odor. (and yeah, I'm old enough to have smelled Napalm up close & personal)
Those little starters from EZ-Que are nice. I wonder if they can be purchased seperately or perhaps locally ?

Also, I've meant to tell you - thanks for your service. I was in the Army Reserves and almost, but didn't, get activated.


If you have an ACE Hardware store nearby, I KNOW they sell the starter cubes from Weber!!

I buy em all the time here in GA at ACE!! If they don't have em they will get em for you!!

Eric C.
I have never tried the cubes, I always used the newspaper method. However, I had a bag of Kingsford Matchlight leftover from my father. Now to light my chimney i fill it, set 4-5 pieces of the Match Light under it (where the newspaper would go) and let her rip. I've used this method several times, and have never tasted anything foul. Lightup time is on par with other methods, and it is very cheap to do. Any thoughts about not doing this?

Paul J.
As long as you don't accidentally fill the whole chimney with Match Light instead of regular briquets, it doesn't sound like a problem.
One of the great things about this site is you will always get a new idea or view on something you had a question about or things you never thought about. A couple or so Match light briqs sounds like a very available and inexpensive solution. Also, I've heard breaking off a chunk from a Starter Logg works well and is cheap.

Hurricane clean-up down here is moving pretty well so maybe I'll be Q'ing in a few weeks instead of just grillin'. After 2 hits, Ivan/Dennis, people here still horde gas for generators.

It took some time for me to warm up to the weber S/Cubes but now I cant live without them. These cubes are very hard to find around here. Only place that seems to carry them is Home Depot.

what is a weed burner?
I was using this gel stuff that had a tendency to want to drip out the bottom of the chimney especially when it was on fire. On my last smoke I cut chunks from a fireplace starter log,moved all the coals in the chimney over to one side, put the chunks between the coals and lit.Woked really well.
Originally posted by Bruce Bissonnette:
Actually Dale it's a large propane torch. Check out the link.

Weed Burner

That's a good price. I paid a welder $70 years ago to make one which is larger, heavier, but probably no better.