Butter-Smoked Rib-Eye w/pics

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Greg Rempe

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First Shawn...the pics looked great and this second one sounds to be up there as well. That being said...still seems like a lot of effort for what might end up being a wash in the tatse department after your gasser test is completed.

Will wait for those results before I give it a go! Thanks for the update!


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Stoner, "The Joker"???
that maniacal ear to ear grin. It's like The Joker from the first Batman, without the makeup.

Shawn W

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I did the AAA steaks on the gasser tonight. Part of the delay has been the horrible weather. There is even a chance of snow this weekend. I know now for certain, the steaks from that counter are AAA aged 21 days.

They were 1" thick, cooked 3-4 minutes per side over high after letting it get nice and hot.

Pulled them, spinkled montreal steak spice on, covered with foil and a blanket for 12 minutes. The ended up medium.

They were: incredibly juicy, incredibly tender, incredibly tasty. The words don't do them justice.

These were steaks. The grilled and then slow cooked ones were different and slightly more tender particularly on the outside. Call them Smoked Slow Steaks? Mini Roast??

I am convinced the aged AAA was key to the great steaks, never mind the slow cooking or the butter. The grilled ones were more juicy and tender than the second ones from the smoker which were not aged AAA, just regular beef.

I will still do another smoked rib-eye ... it's been good eats and lots of fun.

Conclusion: if you want a traditional steak then grill it, especially with steaks under 2" thick. The smoked rib eye was really good too, but different, somewhere between roast and steak.

Jerry N.

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I thought the best thing about the slow cooked steak was the way you thought to slice it. A nice piece of meat cut that way is a great dinner for two idea with a good looking presentation.

Jimbo M.


I've been grilling cowboy steaks (bone-in rib-eye, frenched) that are between 2 1/2 and 3 inches. Like you stated above, it's the quality of the meat that matters most. When I can't afford Prime cuts, I'll go with Choice or go without.

Your call to let the meat come to a warmer temperature is key to consistent cooking of beef this thick.

I always spice my steaks with S&P prior to hitting the grill (more salt than one would expect) but I think that's a personal thing.

I use a few chunks of mesquite charcoal and get a bit of mequite smoky taste with the grill. I'm sure it would work for oak or any other hardwood charcoal you can find.

Great discussion you started here and I sure did enjoy the pics!
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