Butter-Smoked Rib-Eye w/pics

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Stoner...just want to make sure...the meat is actually on the coals of the chimney right?

If so, doesn't that give it a bad taste or something?? Thought you were suppposed to put a grate over the chimney?

How long did you sear it or coal it for that matter?
Greg, AB does his skirt steak that way.He just blew off the ashes before he placed it on top of the LUMP. Bryan
yeah, right on the coals. After they ashed over, I gave the chimney a good whack to get the loose ash off. i didn't notice any sticking on the meat. I should have piled the coals higher to start cause they settled a bit as they lit.
Greg, You no watch foodnetwork. Alton Brown. You are drinking ain't ya.
Stone, looks great! Thanks for sharing your cook and your comments. Noticed the same sheen or gloss on the sliced meat that I saw on mine (moisture? butter?) and my mouth started watering instantly!

Throwing that steak right on the coals really blew me away! I'm not quite ready for that but I will throw it on a rack over the chimney starter.

I'm doing two more tomorrow (one to medium well for my folks).

The $30 (in my case) question Stone: Would you do this again, or just grill the rib-eye next time?
Well, my steak cost $17. So I figure with butter and coals, I'm only out $20. I could have fed two with it. I'd do it again.
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AB sucks...I like BF and RR !!!
Rachel on the other hand...
Originally posted by Garrett Rowe:
... I have always been afraid to leave my comfort zone of s&p ...QUOTE]
Hi Garrett, thanks for the compliment, sorry to ask but I'm not sure what you mean by the phrase 's&p'.

Could you please explain the term?
Awesome looking steaks. One question... a 3 inch thick rib-eye sounds to me like a boneless rib roast No?

Anyway, several years ago a saw a show where a husband and wife cooked a steak right on the charcoal, and I remember saying "why would anyone want to eat a steak with ashes stuck all over it"?

So, The ashes don't stick ????

I have to try this !!!

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Keith...I think I just added some "WOOD" to the smoker!!
Thanks for that link...I had no idea!!!

Dude. There's lots of perfectly good **** on the internet, and you're excited about The Joker?
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Stoner: Sauteed Kale? How about some quick pointers? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Roughly chop the kale. Sautee some onion and a good bit of garlic on low heat in a mix of OO and butter. (The kale takes a while to cook and you probably don't want the galic to burn, although I kind of like it a little scorched.) Add the kale and sautee. Sometimes I add some stock, but not too much. Kale is like macho spinach. It gives off some water and breaks down, but not as much or as easily. I had this on the heat for about 20 minutes, very low. At the end I add a shot of balsamic or ww vinegar. You could also add some diced tomato, but don't put it in too early or it will completely break down. I flavored this with a few sprigs of oregano from the garden.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Al Silverman:
Awesome looking steaks. One question... a 3 inch thick rib-eye sounds to me like a boneless rib roast No? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ribeye, rib roast, prime rib -- they're all pretty much the same muscle aren't they? Just different areas and preparations?
Bonus points for Keith!!!

While my TIVO never misses a beat, it doesn't go online. Rachel's been a fav of mine for years. I LOVE that she's got a 'saucy' side.

Nice. Very nice.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Greg Rempe:
AB sucks...I like BF and RR !!!

AB is great. He's so wacked he reminds me of well Me.
BF That wouldn't be Bobby G y as my wife calls him.

Any WHO i really need to try this it looks so darn good. I guess i'll go with out smoke on this one. Well maybe some mesquite. Psych.
NOT Bryan
I ended up doing three 3" rib-eyes tonight though no pics, they were 2.5 hours longer than expected at a 4.5 hour cook 200F-210F with new (not recycled) briquettes.

These were regular beef, not AAA cut (little easier on the wallet). These ones were actually 3" thick so the last one must have been slightly less, more like 2.5".

Susan Z: I used your tip about searing over the chimney starter (full). Seared them on the top WSM rack placed on top of the chimney. As claimed it worked like a champ. I got a robust sear at around 40 seconds per side.

Smoke wood was one chunk of mesquite for only 45 minutes (no oak on hand). Seasoned with Montreal steak spice when foiled. This combination of smoke and spice worked very well, everyone thought the flavour was fantastic. Light but distinct mesquite flavour.

As per guest request for medium, one was removed at 153F then foiled and kept under a towel for 20 minutes. It ended up medium. At the same time the other two were transferred to the gasser for 4 minutes per side because the remaining guests wanted medium well or well. I was quite pleased that I nailed that target perfectly as well.

The steaks were sliced to 3/8" then served on a platter. Medium on one platter and medium well/well on another platter. Fresh peaches & cream corn, garlic toast, BPs with bacon bits chives and sour cream.

Appetizer served 90 minutes earlier was WSM smoked bacon wrapped scallops rolled in real maple syrup (just prior to serving), cooked over outside edge of WSM top grate where the steaks were. I removed these morsels from WSM, finished by frying till I was happy with the bacon, then rolled in syrup and individually tooth-picked. Some guests licked their plates, really!

Here's the rub. These were really good steaks, but nowhere near as tender as the previous steak which was an AAA Alberta steak (aged minimum of 14 days). I think it's safe to say the lack of aging had a great deal to do with the tenderness but I'm not sure how much the final cook temp had to do with it. The AAA was foiled at 143F, the medium tonight at 152F. Also, the cook time was 2.5 hours longer. Your thoughts?

Butter. Thinking next time I will coat the entire top surface with 1/4" of room temp butter instead of the square frozen chunk. For some reason, on the previous steak the butter pooled but not so on two of these guys. Just want a really good uniform butter coating to help retain moisture and maybe add some flavour.

Now I must go get some 1"-1.5" Alberta AAA rib-eyes and grill them to really tell if doing them on the WSM has some advantage or not. I'm pretty sure one advantage is that you can do a 3" steak by searing, applying indirect heat, rest then slice, platter and serve without worrying about burning. Secondly I think searing then indirect cooking might be the most delicate way to cook the beautiful aged AAA meat.

I'm gonna have to go on a diet after this
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