British Blue

Hey peeps my first build and post about my new pride and joy.
Not sure if people are still building these work horses but....
I managed to pick up a SJ for £25 which In The UK is a bargain it was second hand but doesnt look used at all.
The expensive bit was buying the pot so I went to trusty Amazon and that was not my friend the IMUSA pot was nearly 5 times the price.
Being that this was gonna be a budget build I went to eBay in the hope to find something second hand too. And sure enough I found the pot £65 delivered after taxes and import duties.
I was surprised at the lack of damage it was in such good condition. So I used the steam diffuser to mark the bottom of the pan and use a step drill to drill the holes.
I then had an old cast iron plate that I used on a clay pot as my diffuser, this may well change in the future.
Now as I was gonna use my Weber connect and or a pi based stoker system to keep temp at some point so I purchased the grommets from proQ as they were £3 delivered as opposed to any others ranging from £10 up to £30, which for what they are is just in reasonable.
So how does it fair .... it’s really really good I went with the grill grate 4” from the top of the pot and it held for 6 hours at 212 empty and I was surprised when I did a Picanha for a Sunday dinner that it held for 8 hours, ( I think I just got lucky with the charcoal).

so can’t wait this weekend ribs and then a pork shoulder then slow wings.

my only modification will be paint and as this is a great shade of blue I think VHT do a Pontiac blue and that will set up this bad boy in my favorite chargers jersey colors.


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That is a great looking smoker you built there. I love the blue!! But charger blue... Aren't you in the UK? That is Man City blue!!!! After grilling and smoking, EPL and European cup football are some of favorite things in the world. COYG!!!
Great looking build, I love the color! You're going to love the mini, with mine, cooking a 7lb-9lb butt, @250°-260°, I can easily get 12 hours on a full lad of charcoal. They're great little smokers that are so simple and easy to use. Good luck, I hope you love yours as much as I love mine.
Thanks, yeah I’m from the UK but I’m not a football fan (Soccer), I’m an NFL fan (football), lol so love the Chargers and was upset when they moved to LA but then saw the stadium and now would like to cook there lol
Just joined TWBB and saw your post. Great looking smoker you have. I just picked up a 2005 SJ at a thrift store today. Poking around to see what I can do with it and viola your post. I think I'll try it to smoke small things like a turkey breast or something. BTW I was a die hard Chargers fan until the Spanos family moved them to LA. I'm off NFL now.