Brisket on Brisket


Darrell O

I bought a couple of briskets today-one for me and one for my neighbor. I trimmed them, injected and rubbed.

I plan on cooking the briskets first thing in the morning. I dug my WSM out of the snow pile and saw this. The water pan is filled with a frozen mass of smoky water and pork fat. This should take a while to defrost. Don't forget to clean your WSM after your cook.


Ok after I thawed the frozen fat and used a cleaned bowl. The cook went fairly well.


I even have a new grill buddy who likes to sit in the WSM spot.


Of course I forgot to take the finished shots, but here is the smaller brisket before I foiled it. My neighbor was quite happy after driving home in a snow storm.

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If you foil the pan it's a real easy cleanup. Can't wait to see you brisket. I need a neighbor like you!
heat the bottom on a stove burner for two minutes and the whole thing will slide out like a fat infused giant mushroom
Yupp and toss that shrom in the garden..Bet the birds will clean it up. Looking forward to the Cooked pics