BGE Vertical Roaster and 14 WSM


Hugh B

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BGE Vertical Roaster and 14 inch WSM

Planning 14 lb turkey with s&p rub for Christmas. The plan is to put the bird on the lower rack ( to have enough vertical hight ), use empty foiled pan, vents open, and full starter of lump charcoal with 2 chunks oak and one chunk hickory.

I have a wind break with three sides and top. My guess is that it should take three hours. Any suggestions will be appreciated as this will be my first vertical cook.
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You've got a good plan, Good to go in my opinion. Maybe put a foil catch tray under your stand if you want to make some gravy. I prefer Apple over Oak or Hickory for Turkey

Rich Dahl

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Very interested on how this works out, also agree with Chuck and Michael using a milder wood than oak and hickory with the milder taste of turkey that might be a better choice.


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Definitely agree with the drip pan and apple/cherry suggestions. I usually go with apple and maybe a small piece of cherry. It brings a rich fruitiness to the bird and helps give it a killer mahogany color. Make the Mad Max gravy to go with it.