Best way to store thermometer probes/wires


Steve Petrone

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What is the best way to store temp probes when not in use?

I'm sure someone here has figured this out. I thank you in advance.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I coil my food probe loosely and store it in my grilling tool box, the grate probe goes back on the grate after cleaning ( the grate) and lives in the WSM.
I like the linked that silicone gizmo though.
I’ve thought about using an old round table salt container too, poprobes in the hole and wrap the cord and sticking the pin connections in the other end. As yet un tested but when I use up this table salt I might have to try it.
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I'm kinda digging TFL's idea. I have a Pringles can and some velcro cable ties and might see what happens with that. One strap per probe.

Lynn Dollar

I cut a piece of my daughter's swim noodle and wrap the cables around them.

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