Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Breaks Records With $131.6 Million in Total Sales

Rich Dahl

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I'm a car guy years ago restored MGs and early mustangs
I always watch the Barrett Jackson auction in January in Scottsdale AZ, even went to it a couple of times.
This year was phenomenal 1900 cars with only one car having a reserve price 99% of those 1900 sold.
Total sales $131.6 million, hard to wrap my head around that.

Pat G

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There are some real beauties that roll across that stage. I also like watching the people bidding on the cars. More than a few times I've seen some guy in his 60's with his 30 year old girlfriend urging him on.

russ olin

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Wow Rich, interesting to know that you restored early Mustangs. Because I drove early Mustangs. My 1st car was a 68 Fast Back, 302 V8 4 speed. Fast car.
Also had a 71 Mach 1, few years ago I bought a 70 Boss Mustang for $15G. Sold it a few years later for 45G. Turned around twice & bought a 08 GT V8 Rousch prepared racing Mustang.
Has a Rousch racing suspension lowered a inch Nascar type front end & spoiler. Rousch seats & Rousch short throw shifter with a super charged inter cooled V8. Its sits in the garage with around 10,000 miles on it.
Maybe I'll make big money on it someday @ the Barrett Auction. These cars are #'d & I believe that there are only 1500 of them for the 08 year.

Rich Dahl

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Russ, that's a nice collection of Mustangs you've gone thru, the 08 Rousch is a keeper and even now is worth some big bucks.
I stayed with the early 64 1/2, 65 and 66 in my restoration days. My daily driver was a maroon 66 K code fastback GT. When I got done tinkering with it Cam, heads, headers it dyno at 271 hp at the rear wheels. I picked up an 86 notch back V8 auto with air which was a much better daily driver, that was the first year of the FI. In 1990 I put a crate motor from Summit that was 376 Ci stroker and right at 400 HP. Got a little scary in that light fox body.
Kept the Fastback GT until we moved to AZ in 2002, wish I would have kept it now. But needed the bucks to help pay for the house we built here.
Finally got out of restoring them the California smog laws made it very difficult to get emissions clearance on a modified car.
Right now I'm looking for a 80s fox body GT convertible for a cruise night car, but finding one that hasn't been beat to death or heavily modified is getting pretty hard to find.
Did find one with a coyote engine in it but it was a total hack job.
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