Another Porchetta


Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
With encouragement from Brett, I felt it was time to dive headlong into a Porchetta project! Trimmed the 9.5# rascal and got to it!
no picture of the “paste” but, it looked pretty much like Brett’s.
All pierced
Sneared and ready to roll.
Trussed and salted headed to the fridge for a rest until tomorrow.
It only took maybe an hour. I kind of wish I’d trimmed the ends a little more evenly but, hey it will all chew!
Thanks everyone for the bump to get off my backside and do something different!
Looks awesome, fancy trussing.......I don't know that one, I haven't tried it before.
The trussing or Porchetta?
To be honest, the trussing is not as hard as it looks but, if you don’t do it very often (guilty as charged) it takes a minute to remember the rhythm, making the “loops“ and drawing them tightly and hoping you have enough twine to make it through the whole thing! I had about an inch and a half of “tail” after looping the backside. Just enough to get a good last surgeon’s knot and even everything up.
I kind of wish I’d make a bit more of the herb paste it must be what some place in heaven smells like!
The jacquard step was a lot easier than I’d expected too! Yes, lots of steps but NONE have been what I would call difficult.
WAIT,WAIT,Wait, I never said that, this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done!! It’s nearly as complicated as smoking a butt or brisket😉🤪🤪🤪
All sides except the carrot soufflé are prepped and ready for firing. Just popped the porchetta on.IMG_0835.jpeg
I may regret not using two drip pans but, too late now.
Forgot the rosemary for a kiss of smoke but, it’s on now! The day has turned sunny and clear, and the first whiff of the porchetta is wonderful! Sautéed the peppers instead of roasting but, they look great, the salsa Verde is fabu!ous! This will be a Grand feast!!
Looks awesome Timothy

Darn, what’s would we do if we didn’t have this forum to learn from each other.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Yep, that’s a fact!
So, here we go…IMG_0836.jpeg
I’m telling you, the porchetta was incredible!!
Left to right, daughter in law, Sous Chef (Granddaughter), my wonderful wife, grandson, wife’s son and niece.
Food, (covered dish) creamed pearl onions, melted sweet potatoes, dressing, rolls from my favorite bakery, carrot soufflé, green beans, sautéed peppers gravy, Irish butter, mashed potatoes. The green sauce is out there but, not shown.
It was all wonderful, thanks to Brett, for the inspiration, and to Tony UK for many supportive emails for a ton of cooks, Chris for this amazing site. And all of you members that have made me see just how difficult every one of these cooks really is (😉😉🤣).
Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, dessert pictures will follow after we all digest for a bit!
That all looks amazing. Congrats on getting over the hump and making the porchetta. Hopefully everyone was in awe and left you a generous tip.
That all looks amazing. Congrats on getting over the hump and making the porchetta. Hopefully everyone was in awe and left you a generous tip.
Looks fabulous, and a wonderful family.
Thanks, it was a grand time! Everyone raved about the porchetta! The fun thing was without exception, they all said that it was MUCH better than the $185.00 pre made from Snake River Farms! I took it as a supreme compliment. It was done in about two hours on the dot! Unfortunately, several of the sides were NOT! So, I very loosely tented with foil and lost some of the stunning crispiness but, the dusting of toasted, pulverized, fennel seeds and the rosemary sprigs on for smoke made for a delicious smelling back yard!
Downside, today is reset the office (dining room) for my wife but, the last two pans are clean and the whole dinner was a smash!
Pretty amazing cook Timothy, looks like everyone is quite happy, excellent Thanksgiving! I need to give this cook a try.