About the Grossest Mixer I Ever Opened Up!



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I should have taken photos. Sorry I did not. Lady dropped an older Hobart KitchenAid Classic for me to go through. What is it with people they can't even clean their machines?! So much debris caked on, and greasy debris in the screws. Took off the beauty ring again caked full of "something" crusty and disgusting. Finally was able to work though all the grease and disgustingness opened it up. Machine is about 40 years old. So, I expected the grease to be "packed up" but the smells and hard to believe, even mold growing in the grease!
Thankful for nitrile gloves. YUKKO! In a word totally disgusting. I don't get how people can even eat something prepared by something so filthy
Do you have a “this is disgusting” surcharge?
Sadly no. Yesterday I finished one from a lady who is a smoker. Every single piece of that machine inside and out coated in "tar". Was hard to believe under that yellow facade was a silver machine. Can't wait to get it out of my house as even cleaned up it reeks of cigarettes.
I don't get people I really don't.
I've helped friends out with her mother's house. Chain smoker, there was literally an eighth of an inch of nicotine & tar on every surface in that house. The eventual buyer didn't care, he planned on gutting it completely and remodelling.
When I was self employed I always raised pricing any time I saw a headache.
I learned to walk away from drunks and nutters early on.
When I saw filth that is above and beyond it was normally a nutter and I’d politely say I was was booked out for longer than they needed or something along that line but sometimes it was an elderly person that needed help.
I will always help an elderly person if I can.
Several years ago I worked on a fridge another tec had ordered parts for, it looked like harvest gold and got through and the folks had a fit, said it was a white fridge not a yellow, they smoked so much in the house it was very hard to tell the difference, I ordered the white parts but it looked better with the harvest gold.
What brand do you work on the most, Larry? Assuming little to no consumer stupidity.
I only do KitchenAid machines. I have 2 excellent part suppliers, that take good care of me, and the machines are built like tanks. Still built in Troy Ohio in the same plant Hobart started for the brand. Even 90% of the replacement parts I get are made in USA.
The machines are "built to be rebuilt".
Sadly though, I've had a few now where given the Costco sales it did not make financial for my customer(s) to have me rebuild them. I mean how can I justify $200 in parts and my $65 labor fee when they can go to Costco right now, buy the new upgraded 6qt machine for $319! And not only did they upgrade that machine to the same drive train as the commercial but they even increased the warranty period!
I don't mark up my parts so there is no profit there. I only charge what I have in them. So if the part is $25+shipping and tax then that is all they pay.