A viable replacement Catch Pan & Holder

Jeff MA

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I was looking for a replacement Catch Pan and Holder assemble for my Ron Burgundy restore as it came with neither. I have several new in the box Porcelain coated steel Catch Pans in my possession but am saving those for myself and future Family restores.

I started looking at what was out there for the #7515 Weber style Catch pans and there were several aftermarket ones that were made to look like the older Porcelain pans but were actually just painted steel. I almost purchased one till I ran across this one-


What caught my eye was the pan itself...Stainless Steel.

I figured what the heck and placed an order... $16.99 minus 10% off coupon = $15.29...cheap enough.

The first thing I did when it came in today was put my magnet to it. No magnetism...sweet, quality non-rusting stainless.

Some pics:

A Weber foil liner fits too.

Looks a little more modern on the old grill.

So for $15.29 I'd say it is a worthy replacement. Where it is stainless you could probably even get away without using a foil liner too.

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Jeff MA

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Wanted to mention I took some weights of the BBQ Funland components VS the OEM Weber Porcelain Pan as well as the Aluminum pan.

The two aluminum pans I have weigh 105 and 137grams.
The porcelain steel pan weighs 340 grams
The BBQ Funland stainless pan weighs 224 grams.

The Pan Holder from BBQ Funland weighs 233 grams
The Weber Pan Holder weighs 218 grams

All and all it appears to be a nicely made product.



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I just ordered one. Gonna probably put it on my grill. But that looks much better than the black painted steel ones for about the same or little higher price. Gotta love SS. I wish the holder was also SS.


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Now that I have a Welder, this seems like the type of fabrication project that I might want to attempt with all stainless.


Nice find. I will definitely be ordering a couple. I was hoping you were talking about the bigger catch tray though! Someone needs to make those in SS.

Jon Tofte

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That's a really cool find, Jeff! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Stainless - real stainless at that - is a great idea. I get tired of those cheap aluminum ones looking like Swiss cheese and having to be tossed. The old porcelain ones were decent, but this stainless one looks even better.

Dave in KC

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Order placed. Thanks, Jeff. Looking, but do no see a pan that would
work in new style Webers without that wire holder. No rim on the edge
appears it would fall thru.

JohnS NJ

received it. Will say that the holder is nicely made. The pan is indeed stainless steel and non magnetic. However it’s edges are a bit rough and the appearance is a contrast to the original holder. I would give this a 10 for material but an 8 for appearance. It’s too square for my liking.


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I got one as well. Since the pan is not really visible, looks are secondary for me. I definitely like the idea of the SS pan.

Also, the bracket is more substantial than the one offered on the aftermarket one that is offered on Amazon.