A few WSM accessories needed

Derek Finch

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This has probably been posted many times before but I couldn't find it. I'd like to order the internal straps that hold the water bowl and the charcoal grate. Can someone lead me in the right direction?

Thanks all,

Derek Finch

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Looks like the charcoal grate is easy enough to replace, but can't find the grill straps for holding the water bowl anywhere. Please help if you can.




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I would think it is for all 4 since $12.99 each would be really expensive and it does say "straps" instead of "strap". You can always call to make sure. But the ones on that link are only for the 18". The 22" would be longer.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Hey Chris,
Might it be a nice touch to post a “Sticky” source for parts in the gas grill, kettle and WSM columns? Maybe under the Parts/buy and sell header. These questions come in a lot and for new members it would save some time for them as well as be a simple reference spot.
Just a suggestion, create the header and let Bruce, Jon, Stefan, and, Larry, et al. fill in the sources.
Weber customer service but,
Even Amazon for that matter.

Drake, Derek, I would suggest direct contact with Weber, I have had good luck with them, parts are a bit more pricey than some aftermarket sources but, it’s Weber.
Derek, the charcoal grate rests on the inside of the lower section, not in any sort of bracket (that I know of).

Gee George after some of your troubles with Weber CS I’m as shocked as Claude Raines in Casablanca!


Timothy F. Lewis

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Gee, do I feel dim! No, I had not looked at the date, it’s been really hot, I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, I can’t find my glasses, the dog ate my homework, have a left anything else out?
I’ll go stand in the corner now.