??? !

Woot is showing sold out.

I looked at it at 11.30pm pacific and it was either not live yet or sold out.

It also appears to be the base model Meater, vs a Meater + as shown in the pic. Doesn't really matter as it is sold out.
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Woot is showing sold out.
Oh wow! I bought one right at midnight CST last night and I've been watching to see how fast they sold, never clicking through! They go up on Woot from time to time...I think the last time was in September...but I don't think the Meater sells as well as the Meater+ so either they are phasing them out or reducing their inventory.

I might have been the first sale (18.225s). Looks like they sold out in the first hour! Didn't notice they had a limit of 1, either.
I have the original Smoke with the gateway and a Meater+. The Meater is invaluable for rotisserie cooking, but I rely on the Smoke for nearly everything else. It's just too handy having the little receiver. If I want to record a cook I use the gateway or I use my 4-probe HeaterMeter. I use the HM nearly exclusively with the BGE. I did try the Meater on a thick ribeye once and the smoke bomb that was on the flavo bars caught fire and the Meater freaked out. The Meater is horrible with ambient in my view and I rely on the Smoke for that. I like the data collection aspect but like I say, it's usefulness for me is in rotisserie cooking.
I ordered the Meater+ yesterday mainly for the rotisserie....as I do alot of that style of grilling. I do not see the need for ambient temps or pit temp readings.