8 Butts at Once And a Gator!


RJ Humphrey

Great looking gator cook! Congrats on a successful cook.

I grilled a 22 pound gator this past February and it was huge success. Did you eat the jaw meat?

Scott Hollister

TVWBB Member
Oh yeah, the jowls were excellent as with most critters.

My wife was broken in to that kind of stuff well before we got married and she'll try just about anything - loved the gator. At our reception my brother gave a speech where he warned her not to be surprised to find strange animal carcasses in our kitchen sink... I usually process and eat a snapping turtle every year - usually only one because they are a pain in the rear to butcher. I am trying to figure out a way to smoke it similar to the gator, with same stuffing. I'm thinking smoking for about 3 hours then tightly wrapping until tender like I do a venison shoulder.