4 grill / grate levels in a Mini WSM. Advice needed on low low temps


Murray C.

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I just built my Mini WSM in the last couple of weeks and posted the details here... http://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?418...Mini-WSM-Smoker-build-with-a-couple-of-twists

I have now made it so I can put 4 grates in it. There is only 3" between each level.

I would like to try smoking some salmon in it but not sure what the charcoal AND smoke would do to the flavour of the salmon?

The other problem would be working out the temps, I found a highly recommended recipe here http://forum.bradleysmoker.com/index.php?topic=107.0 Any suggestions for how to make the temps in this recipe work?

100°-120°F for 1-2 hours, then increase to
140° for 2-4 hours, then increase to
175° for 1-2 hours to finish

Perhaps use a frozen brick or two in the bottom of the pot at the start?
How many lit briquettes?

Anyhow here is how the grates are set up;
bottom grate is 13 3/8" and sits on the steamer rim.
next is a weber grate that is 13 3/4" and sits 3" above that


then another weber grate 3" above that
finally I have a 12 1/2" grate that came out of a microwave/convection oven that had 5" legs on it and today I bent the bottom 2" over and it sits on the grate below as the 4th level.




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I'm curious how this setup would work with ribs? I know the temps are hotter down low, but could you get away with ribs on each level with this setup - say go for 6-7 racks?
With all that multi-level stacking in such a small space you may run into heat distribution problems...?
I cannot tell you about your smoker (I am gathering parts to build my own mini - so must "make do" with my 18.5" WSM until the last item comes in (Wednesday...).

However, regarding cold smoking - please read this. The author's wife is a food scientist and what he says can be taken as gospel regarding food safety:


I hot smoke salmon all the time (one of my favorite foods) and you can do that without issue. Cold smoking, however, is NOT for me due to the real and serious dangers involved.

Let's stay safe, folks!