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Finally broke my Christmas present in...

I can't get over how much space it is over the 22.5. I can put a full 3 full slabs of ribs on this without issue. No leaks, and it holds a full caterer's pan full of food.

Managing the food is easier, maintaining temps is the same, and I am just tickled over how much fun it is to cook on this bad boy.

Pics coming on future cooks.


Dustin Flavell

Glad you liked it. I have a few webers of my own and the 26 is my go to grill for everything. My 22 WSM has been collecting dust. If you grill a lot indirect and use fire bricks there is enough room on the charcoal grate for a pretty good size pan for a side dish. Enjoy it and we look forward to the pics. :)

Eugene A

I looked at the 26, and my wife, aka "The Boss", just looked the look that says "NFW", and that was the end of that. I like my 22.5, and I like my WSM 18.5. I'm learning as I go along. We don't entertain but maybe once a year, and it's just the two of us the rest of the year. A 26 is on my list-of-things-to-get-when-I-get-the-money-to-p***-away list. I'll post if/when that day ever gets here.

Rich Dahl

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Weber says it ain't gonna happen, but I'm still waiting for a 26 performer then oh ya it's mine!

Paul Pearson

I will be purchasing a grill this spring and am really torn between a 26 and a deluxe performer. When i emailed them last year about a 26" performer they said it wasn't in their plans to build one but said they would pass my comments along to some group. Maybe if enough people keep asking something will happen.

Weber just needs to open up a custom shop where you can design your own grill setup and have them build it.