22 lb Prime Brisket Cook

Rich G

That looks fantastic! I love that the size of that packer makes your 18.5 look like a 14" WSM! :)

I think I'll grab a packer (if there are any) next time I'm at CostCo. Maybe two....one for the smoker, and one for the grinder.

The size of that beast had me cracking up.

I’ve smoked a couple of the Prime briskets from Sam’s, and they were great.

I served one at a party, and some people said it was the best thing they had ever eaten. After that, I kept spring for the prime when it’s in stock.
I took the trimmings from the end of the flat and made a simple Texas style chili in the Instant Pot for lunch yesterday. It was really delicious and the meat was super tender after only 35 min of cooking.

Don Gross

TVWBB Member
I've been buying prime briskets at Sam's since ours started selling them last year. Gotten the best results I ever had. Last time I got one a few weeks ago it was $3.04/.lb. Recently it was under $3 but the cooler was empty. When I was competing a few years ago I was paying $3.85 for choice at Wal-Mart.

BTW, the prime grade strips and rib eyes at Sam's are worth every penny.