22 inch Kettle lid ding



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Hello, I purchased a 22 inch kettle that is in pretty good shape. The previous owner apparently dropped the lid. It dinged/squished the lid at the rim. It only fits snuggedly in one position. Any ideas on how to get it back to round without cracking the enamel?
Sounds to me like the kettle and lid are both a little out of round. The grill probably fell over. Measure the diameter of each in several places to find the short and long of things. Find the longest measurement and bring those two points together a little either by hand or with a bar clamp. If chipped, dab with a little Crisco and keep on cookin'.
I don't mess with kettles, so take this with a grain of salt - just some ideas. First, index the two pieces with a sharpie or a piece of masking tape or whatever to show how they do fit together. Next, trace one piece on a big sheet of paper or something. Trace the other on a translucent sheet of paper. Overlay the two papers. Line them up on the marks where they fit. Rotate the top paper 360 degrees and observe and/or measure what's going on. Plan you work, go slow, and repeat the checking process. The good news is that if the grill bent without cracking the finish, you can probably bend it back. Good luck.
Do you know any auto body people? Most importantly, provide some pictures. Lacking some visuals we can’t offer any realistic advice!
Remember, a kettle is basically a glass encased sphere, enamel/porcelain is GLASS and will shatter, chip or erstwhile fail unless a reasonable amount of care is used to reshape it. Simply greasing it will extend the life but, if the finish is badly damaged, find a donor or replace it.
I try not to offer too many caveats (salt) when looking someone is looking for help. Without proper data you can lose money on “This might be right” offerings.
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