2016 Weber Television Commercials: Ignite Your Passion

i understand Weber promoting the gas grill line ($$$)...
but i'm sick of seeing those things.

i wanna see more of THIS!


And they're already modding it with a stacker, (coz of the shallow dome?).

Boston Store morning meeting 1955.
"Houseware, whaddya got for us today?"
"We're planning to fire up two grills next to the cookware, & do some grilling."
"Sounds like a plan, I like it. Get those housewives buying grills for their hubbies eh?. Do it!"

Boston Store morning meeting 2016.
"Houseware, whaddya got for us today?"
"We're planning to fire up two grills next to the cookware, & do some grilling. We want to get the houswives buying grills for their hubbies."
"Are you insane? Firing up a bbq in a dept store? You'll get us all jailed. Do it in the parking lot, video it & stick it on YouTube. You'll need to inform the fire dept, medical services & apply for a permit from the county hall before you even start. By the way you're fired!"
"Sir, Jim from Health & Safety has just had a coronary."
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