1985 Weber Genesis 3 Print Ads

Chris Allingham

Staff member
I found these two 1985 Weber Genesis 3 print ads on Pinterest. Note that these grills have the rarely seen wide wooden slat shelving. Also, the Weber phone number is 800-000-0000...perhaps these were early design comps.

Genesis 3 shown here came with the side burner as standard equipment. Genesis 2 came with a wooden work surface in place of the burner, but included a connection off the manifold for an optional burner to convert the Genesis 2 to a Genesis 3.

Really beautiful ads...

And here's a magazine ad for the Genesis 3 from the same time period with the same wide wooden slat shelving.


Rob B.

Those are great ads Chris. Good find. I had thought the slats were redwood, but according to these ads they are cedar. And these look to have the LP scale like mine has.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Platinum Member
Thanks Chris for getting this ad for us. A number of interesting things show up. The wheels are a little different and the side burner is very different. The igniter switch has no border. I am sure someone trying to do an all out accurate restoration would really have a challenge finding these!

I was also a little surprised that it was cedar wood slats from the beginning.