1975, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1984 Weber Recipe Booklets


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These five Weber recipe booklets are estimated to have been published between 1975 and 1984. Each is 32 pages, measures 5.5" x 8.5", and contains "59 great recipes for covered cooking the Weber way." Each booklet shows how to setup your Weber kettle, explains direct vs. indirect cooking methods, and provides sections on Helpful Hints and Accessories.

These booklets replaced the yellow cover 1971, 1973, 1973/74 recipe booklets that contained 49 recipes. Some but not all of the original 49 recipes are carried over into these revised booklets. New recipes include "TV Dinner" consisting of cubed round steak or pot roast placed in a tightly wrapped aluminum foil packet with veggies and mushroom soup and cooked on the grill until tender, as well as "Orange & Raisin Sauce For Ham".

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The first two booklets were priced at 50¢ each. It's not clear if they were sold individually or included in the box with the purchase of a new grill. They do not include a publication date, but the book advertised on the back cover, Barbecuing The Weber Covered Way, was first published in June 1972, and given that we know the older yellow recipe booklets have publication dates of 1971, 1973, and 1973/74 printed on them, it's a good bet these booklets were published no earlier than 1974 or 1975. For purposes of identification, I'm going to say the first one is from 1975 and the second one from 1976, but I'm not sure of those dates.

It is likely that these two booklets were not published together in the same year. I assume that Version #1 with the funky 70's cover is the older of the two because the cover design matches the inside content design, and that Version #2 is a later version. Another clue about age can be found in Version #1 on pages 24 & 26. The heading "Vegatable" is misspelled on both pages but is corrected in Version #2. It's more likely that these typos were introduced in the earlier version and corrected in a later version than the other way around.

Other than the covers being different, the only difference in content that I can find is on the Accessories page. Version #2 removes the Roast Tongs, Work Table Rack, and Stainless Cleaning Sponge shown in Version #1 and adds a Barbecue Apron.

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The third version was provided by TVWBB member Timothy Hoffman. It also doesn't include a publication date, but I believe it dates to around 1978. It features yet another cover and all the same recipes, but is printed in full color. The first few pages are in a different order, it advertises an updated set of accessories, and it features the latest Weber cookbook Elegant Fare For The Weber Kettle on the back cover that was first published in 1977.

Upon closer inspection, you'll notice there's a hole punched in the top left corner of the booklet. I wonder if it was attached to each new kettle lid inside the box?

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The fourth version includes a publication date of 1980 on the back cover. Unlike the other booklets, the front and back cover is in landscape orientation. It touts a new 5 year limited warranty on kettle grills, includes a minor change on the Accessories page (the Barbecue Apron is replaced by a Shish Kabob Set), and the Getting To Know Your Weber Kettle graphic includes more information, including the fact that the leg sockets are now patented. All the recipes are the same as the previous version, but a few recipe photos have been added which causes some of the recipe text to wrap across to different pages. This booklet also advertises the Weber Web bug zapper which was introduced in the late 70s.

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The fifth version does not include a publication date but dates to around 1984 because the Illinois 5% sales tax mentioned in the sales ads started in that year. All the recipes remain the same; the only changes are the cookbook and barbecue sauce ads on the inside back cover.

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Chris, that looks a lot like my mid 70's catalog. Here is the link, feel free to take them and make them into pdfs for the site.

Thanks, Timothy! I've PDF'd and posted your recipe booklet.

The first edition of the book "Elegant Fare from the Weber Kettle" (advertised on the back page of your recipe booklet) was 9/28/1977, so your booklet must be 1977 or later.

Chris, the booklet was attached to the lid handle on my Dad's Smokey Joe when we took it out of the box. I do know he bought it in 1978 or 1979.
This one is dated March 1983 and has 23 pages to it.View attachment 3542
The 1985 version of this booklet is here:

1985 Weber One-Touch Charcoal Cookbook

I also have a version dated 9/82 that I've not yet scanned and posted. There are only slight differences between any of these versions, usually having to do with the Weber accessories or hardcover cookbooks being advertised.

If you'd be willing to send me your 1983 version, I would scan it and send it back to you. Mouse over or tap my avatar then click "Start Conversation" to let me know and I'll provide a mailing address.