1972 Weber Gas Barbecue Kettles Catalog


Chris Allingham

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1972 Weber Gas Barbecue Kettles Catalog

Groovy gas grills in black, red, and puke green, three different mounts, and two fuel options. Prices starting as low as $99.95. Lots of accessories available ranging in price from $2.45 to $37.95!

What’s interesting to me about this catalog is the simplicity of the cover photo. Unlike other catalogs of this era where Weber arranged elaborate scenes of grills, bountiful food, and a group of people in a real backyard setting, this one seems to have been done quickly and cheaply. The background is a large photographic image, there’s artificial grass below, a sad looking turkey on the grill, few accessories, and just two people gathered around the grill.

I love the clothes and hairdos! Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!




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Chris, just what is that woman wearing? She looks like she is getting ready to play a clown at a child's party. lol


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Groovy! Thanks for sharing.

To your point, it would be interesting to know the history behind that choice for the cover photo. I assume I'm seeing the canvas sprawled on the ground covering.


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Posted 10-20-20

Took you long enough. :LOL:

Re: the woman's clothes. I don't remember those from the 70's

But I do like the man's hair. His shirt, ok, color of the grill, yes!!!!!! ;)

Fred Wileyi

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I saw what I think is a Weber Gas Kettle in my neighborhood. Sitting next to a pile of junk in his yard so i couldn't get a good look. Can these be restored? I looked all over here but this is all I found on this gas kettle. Any advice?

Chris Allingham

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Depends on its condition. It might be worth rescuing and cleaning up as you would any rescued kettle grill, then evaluate whether or not it's possible or worth it to put more effort into it. For example, I'm sure there are some parts that if missing cannot be replaced but perhaps alternative parts can be cobbled together to make it into a working grill.

Bruce McClure

There's a lot to unpack here...
  • My guy here has a part in his hair that is sharp. He used the tightest comb he had and at least 2 tubes of Brylcream (and a can of Consort) to achieve that.
  • The woman in the photo is staring off into the abyss, not looking at anything her man is doing on that grill. I'm convinced she was looking for an escape route.
  • Am I seeing a fringed edge to the background here? It seems to sit on top of the astroturf rug that was rolled out in the studio (looks like a remnant from a recover of the Astrodome that year.
  • That turkey looks like it's going to need another day or two on that grill before it's close to done. It also gives off a "fake food" vibe, too.
  • I'm thinking that photo was shot on a Kodachrome camera that someone at Weber had in their desk for just such an emergency.
LOL...just having a little fun here. But that's a blast from the past, no? I didn't know there was such a thing as a gas kettle from Weber. But then again, it's along the same lines as the little grill I found at our local dump swap shop awhile back. Ah, the 70s! Good times.

Jon Tofte

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You only see one of these for sale occasionally. Pretty much it is just a collector curiosity. I would like one to have to show and tell, but I wouldn't expect to cook on it. To get one fully functioning would probably be quite a challenge today. Finding one intact and still working would be a very rare find.

This was one of Weber's flops. We can at least be thankful that its failure to penetrate the market ultimately led to the creation of the first Genesis.