14" WSM Baby Back Ribs

Do you plan to roll the ribs or cut the slab in half? Other than size difference, the smokers both smoke pretty much the same way.
Agreed with rolling the ribs. I've done this on the 14 before and it works well. Like Bob said, the 18 and 14 cook pretty much the same, but rolling helps fit the ribs on the smaller rack in the 14. If you don't normally roll, that's really all that would change. J. Hasselberger's pictures are a very good example of how to roll them if you need one.
I have both a 14.5" and an 18.5" WSM. I use two rib racks and cut my slabs in two. I can do four half racks of ribs per grate. That way I get perfectly done ribs (no over cooked ends).

Keep on smokin',
Great advice! I used a rib rack and smoked two half racks and they turned out great! I will roll them next time. Thanks!
Ok, good thing I looked at this BEFOREz lunch today, I seem to end up looking after most of the time and then I get hungry all over again!