restore genesis

  1. Loc

    Genny Plat for $50- restoration money pit???

    I found this Genesis Platinum for $50. I want to restore it for my buddy (his grill lacks side burner and he sets a cast iron pan directly on his wobbly flavorizer bars -and scorches his knuckles- to fry up chicken). Previously, I’ve dealt with 2 Genesis Platinums that had surface rust on the...
  2. Loc

    Sideburner Valve Broken- Need replacement

    I broke the collar on the sideburner valve on my Genesis (model #2260000/part #3290001). This valve assembly is evidently discontinued. Other posts in this forum suggest locating an old grill and cannibalize the part. I’ve done that. However, the donor grill can still be restored, just needs...
  3. FilippoC

    Genesis 1000 Blue restoration

    Hi All! I’m very impressed from a lot of restoration that I saw in this forum. I bought and old Weber genesis 1000 in Blu for less than 100€ and now I’m dig in a restoration project ( for sure I would not reach levels that I saw 😢). Apart from the huge amount of grease inside the box it look...
  4. A

    Help with lid restoration

    Hey guys. Need some help on restoring this lid. I’ve already done the steel wool and simple green and got most of it to look great except this section on the top. Can someone tell me if there are other techniques or if I’m **** out of luck with this lid and have to find another.
  5. A

    Need help with identifying the year of this grill

    Found this in the trash yesterday and am going to start restoring it. I know its a Genesis Silver A. But there is no serial number on it. Was hoping someone can help me identify the year of it. From what I read I am thinking around 2002-2003ish. Thanks in advance!
  6. T

    Used New to me Weber Genesis Gas Grill

    Wondering if y’all would know what model this is and recommendations on restoring it. The inside bottom panel needs replaced for sure and igniter. What other parts would you replace? Also the inside hood has caked on carbon I want to clean. I read another post of someone using Dawn Professional...