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Thread: CharQ vs Lodge cast iron Sportsman grill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Dahl View Post
    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. I've never knew that such a beast existed. After looking up this Weber CharQ my desire for a lodge Sportsman has disappeared. I want a charQ now.
    Jon are these things rare? I've never had one come up on CL when searching Weber.
    Hi Rich,

    My Germany trip has me behind on what’s going on here.

    The Char Q I guess was only available for two or three years. Apparently didn’t sell well, probably because the price was so high compared to a Smokey Joe or a Go Anywhere. I only paid $25 for my pretty dirty one. It is on my long list for an external repaint, but cooks fine and everything is there. Not that there is much since it is so simple. The two things to worry about are the aluminumized steel basket that holds the charcoal (single layer) and the grates. On the grates, you could always use a current version Q2000 grate as a replacement but it is not as nice for charcoal as the original.

    I did a couple posts back a while ago about my Char Q. I will try to put up links.!
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    Try using Thaan Pok Pok in your sportsman grill. Superior for this type of grill over standard lump or charcoal.
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    I have a box of that waiting for the right time to use it! I think a nice steak needs to be the reward for being so patient! Maybe I can find a sportsman before I get the steak!?
    It won’t happen tonight,I have a chicken prepped!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    I got one of those for nothing, friend never used it and must have got damp. Both grate are rusted, how can I remove the rust easily?
    Cheryl Canter has everything you need to know and more about rescuing old rusted cast iron.

    Her post on removing the crud and rust from a cast iron popover pan:

    (Ignore her advice on reseasoning in the popover pan post.)

    Her updated post on reseasoning:
    18.5" 22.5"

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