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Thread: Silver C Rotisserie Question

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    Silver C Rotisserie Question

    When using the rotisserie on a grill with East West burners, do you keep the front burner on or the rear one if only using one burner? I would tend to think the rear but wondered what others do, and why? Hope to have my first rotisserie turkey on E/W burners this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving.

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    It depends if you are going to use smoke wood, actually it doesn't I always use the front burner on my E320 as the heat vents out the back so by using the front burner the heat will go over and under the meat. By using the back burner most of the heat will just go out the rear vent.
    Hope that makes sense.
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    Really makes no difference at all. I regularly use either one or both, BUT if I am putting a smoke packet in I ALWAYS use the front one. If not it makes absolutely no difference in the outcome

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