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Thread: Good remote thermometer?

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    TVWBB Honor Circle Timothy F. Lewis's Avatar
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    I have a very similar thermometer but, even simpler, same company, I love it, get the extra probes...JUST in case. They can get damaged, mine have not and this is the third summer.

    If you are going the ATC route, I’d consider the “BBQUBE”. Daz is a member and posts some informative comments, also, his unit is designed to fit in an ABS ammo box! Totally self contained, using a rechargeable battery pack.
    I’m leaning toward that one myself.
    NFI, just like his design!
    He showed a huli huli chicken a few days ago, damn skippy!
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    TVWBB Super Fan Vincent Carrocci's Avatar
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    Like a few others here, I'm a big fan of ThermoWorks products and recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy. They have a huge selection of items that can fit your needs from a simple ThermoPop to the Thermapen Mk4 in the instant read category and from the DOT to the Signals 4-Channel meat and air probe units.

    If you're just looking for simple, reliable grate monitoring, a DOT with an air probe is a great choice. If you want a few more bells and whistles, look at a Chef Alarm. Personally, I use a Smoke 2-Channel system on my Kettles and WSMs when I'm not using my Stoker II WiFi.

    Spend a little bit more for superior quality and the product will serve you for a lifetime!
    Rhythm 'n QUE - All WSMs . . . All The Time

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    I use a DOT, it's so simple even I can use it..... , simple is good...

    My son on the other hand is an engineer.. the more bells, whistles, and alarms the better!

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