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Thread: KBB 2x20lb at Lowe's, $12.88, Limit 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Bartlett View Post
    Yep, saved a lot of money too since HD and others started this $9.98 thing.
    I get that Cliff, didn't mean to single you out.
    My thing is, it will be on sale again for July 4th, and Labor Day. I stock up for the fall/winter months.
    At my age I don't want to overstock, just more stuff for the kids to get rid of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    I get that Cliff, didn't mean to single you out.
    No worries Bob. I know you weren't! Seriously speaking, I like to get it over with, once a year. I'll pick one of the big three holiday weekends and go for it. I use pretty much all of it each year. I have a nice, dry barn and the horses and goats are long gone. It keeps me stocked and worry free for a year plus. You ought to see my firewood!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    I know many of us grill and que a lot, myself included, but I also think some of us, myself not included, have latent charcoal hoarding tendencies.
    I had 1500 lb in my garage at one time. I'm still burning through it. I completely resemble this comment. No longer. My back is till recovering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Perrin View Post
    I'm going to check out the HD ad tomorrow before I head out. I was out except for some Pok Pok Than I picked up last year.
    And, at Lowe's and HD, I always use my veterans discount!
    The HD prices is out: 2/20lb for $14.98.

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