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Thread: Resting best: Commercial food wrap v. foil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Wray View Post
    .. but generally at what point in your long brisket smokes do you wrap the brisket to return to smoker for last part of smoke?
    I generally wrap at some point during the stall period but my overriding decision is that I will not wrap until I'm satisfied that the bark looks to me to be well-set, which will include observing the texture and color.

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    My BIL tried butcher paper and got good results, but went back to foil. I wrap briskets in foil at 160, take them off when probe tender, separate the point and flat, and wrap the flat in fresh foil and towels. I put the newly wrapped flat in a cooler to rest and make burnt ends out of the point. I've never used butcher paper or plastic wrap and don't see the need to.
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    I will sometimes pick a target temp, but the problem with that is there are various factors that influence when the stall happens. While the stall is happening that bark is forming, so it's a tradeoff of moisture retention vs. bark formation. If your goal is simply to avoid the stall and retain moisture, then I'd just go with tightly wrapped foil. If your goal is to protect the brisket from too much smoke and preserve the color, go with paper or foil. You help retain moisture as well. Just make sure your bark is set if that's important to you. Also, there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. The bark can get too tough, in my opinion.
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    I don’t wrap until pulling off to hold for serving time.
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